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Many of you can stil picture some navy blue or black seagull nesting on a forehead when hearing the words "permanent makeup brows". 

That is why I am here, to show You new era of micropigmentation.

Performed by specialist with using pigments compliant with new REACH 2020 rules. The method, the shape and the shades of pigment are chosen to match you individually. The most comon method is shading, which consists in intensively saturating the base of the eyebrows, moving towards the lighter beginnings and the top of the eyebrows. This process will correct hair loss and shape your eyebrows.

Pre-treatment guide


Your skin should be untouched in the day of treatment

without any inflamation.

Take care about your face using non-agresive peeling and moisturasing mask

How to prepare yourself before meeting me?


Do not drink alcohol :  it will result on poor healing effect

big day

Starting from the morning do not drink coffee or energetic drinks. I know i ask for a lot but trust me it's worth for having incredible brows!


Now the healing BEGINS!

This part of the treatment is almost as important as the process of pigmentation and this part lays in your hands.  

you will be given a special product with instructions on how to use it during those very important first moments


You will also learn what to avoid durning in first weeks  and also how to take care of your brows in future to mentain long in good condition

Get in Touch

775 Boulevard Jean Moulin

Saint-Raphaël 83700

06 64 95 94 91

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